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Additional consulting services provided by JBest & Company: plan creation or review, contract negotiation, new client acquisition, donor research, client billing, problem solving, database management, candidate call-time, call sheet creation, prospect creation, target setting and everything related to political fundraising. 

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JBest & Company will manage your entire fundraising operation—national and in-state fundraising—including plan creation, plan implementation, database management, direct mail management, donor management, event management, digital management, candidate call management, tracking and reporting fundraising goals and success.

Services can be individualized:

Political Fundraising Consulting

Written Fundraising Plan

Database Management and Consulting

Event Fundraising and Management

Direct Mail Fundraising Management

Jennifer Fulcher


Born and raised in California, Jen brings more than 27 years of political fundraising experience to her role as a political fundraising consultant at JBest & Company. Jen traces her interest in politics back to her 20s. As an undergraduate student at California State University, Northridge, she studied political science and founded the Young Republicans Club. In the early stages of her career, Jen developed a love for sales while working as a stockbroker and sales person within the telecom and data industries.

Jen expertly combines her sales background and passion for Republican fundraising. She teaches candidates how to sell themselves and their political vision to potential donors. During the course of her career, Jen has helped political candidates and incumbents in local, state and federal races achieve their fundraising goals. She understands both the art and science of political fundraising.

Jen works with clients to develop strategic finance plans and to help them stay on track. Jen enjoys coaching candidates during calls to prospective donors. She has a talent for teaching candidates how to optimize their natural personality strengths in order to become more confident, successful fundraisers.

B.A. Political Science, California State University Northridge
M.A. Political Science, University of Nebraska Omaha

Jessica Chizek Ketelsen


The granddaughter of a Nebraska State Senator and small business owner, Jessica grew up with a passion for politics and sports. In high school she excelled as a student athlete, playing basketball, running track and cross-country. She went on to become a collegiate athlete, competing for Dana College’s track and cross-country teams. In college, Jessica reinstated the College Republicans club and began working on her first U.S. Congressional campaign.

Jessica’s strong work ethic and fiercely competitive spirit make her a fantastic fundraiser. Described as a marathon runner in her approach to fundraising, Jessica teaches clients to be disciplined and methodical with donor calls. Jessica provides expertise in donor database management and excels in developing well-researched, strategic donor call lists.

Jessica offers more than 13 years of political fundraising experience, working with Republican candidates and elected officials at federal, state and local levels of government.

B.A. History, Dana College
M.A. Political Science, University of Nebraska Omaha


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